Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be recognised as the governing authority for the accounting profession in the OECS.

Mission statement

To provide the highest quality of service to its members towards ensuring the integrity and standing of the profession in the Eastern Caribbean and protecting the public interest, in discharging its role as the governing authority for chartered accountants in the OECS.


In accordance with the provisions of the ICAEC Agreement, the Institute operates to accomplish the following objectives:

(a) Promote, foster and maintain the highest standards of accounting in public practice, the public service and the commercial and industrial spheres;

(b) Promote and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members and students of accountancy

(c) Provide facilities for the study of accountancy and make provision for the examinations of persons pursuing courses in accountancy;

(d) Subscribe to, join and associate with anybody or professional organisation in any member state or elsewhere whose objects are similar or not inconsistent with those of the Institute, to further the interests of the profession;

(e) Set up and promote student associations to improve the knowledge and social relations of students of the Institute;

(f) Safeguard and enhance the professional standing, interest and reputation of its members employed in the spheres specified in paragraph (a);

(g) Regulate the etiquette, ethics, discipline, professional conduct and standards of its members and students of accountancy;

(h) Express its views to the Government, public authorities, other professional organisations, business organisations, trade unions, charitable organisations, commissions of enquiry and similar bodies in any member state regarding matters affecting its members, students of accountancy and the profession;

(i) Advise and assist the University of the West Indies, the Government, other professional organisations, statutory bodies, business organisations, trade unions and charitable or other corporate bodies of any member state upon any question within the province of the accounting profession;

(j) Provide opportunities for discussion and exchange of views among its members and students whether or not such members are engaged in actual practice;

(k) Encourage and assist in providing increased facilities for the study of accountancy and related subjects and co-operate with bodies that are in pursuit of those objects;

(l) Assist persons in the member states in their preparation for external professional accounting examinations by acting as a broker of material on behalf of external institutions providing such examinations and to provide tutorials;

(m) Conduct directly, through other agencies or in conjunction with other agencies, courses of study in all aspects of the accounting profession;

(n) Promote and protect the welfare and interests of the Institute and the accounting profession in the member states; and

(o) Do anything that is necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the objects specified in paragraphs (a) to (n) or as the Institute may think conducive to the attainment of those objects or any of them.

(p)Lobby for and promote legislation that the Institute considers necessary to protect the interests of its members and strengthen its mandate to regulate the profession in the OECS;

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